The First Most Integrated Services Of Hospital Laboratory User


Completed and customables software to every laboratory needs.


Easily to record your lab’s results and integrated with lab’s system to know more about your lab’s progress.


Store your reagents with us and shortly fulfill your customer needs.

New Harmonization Of Digital information and laboratory servicesas we called it "Digilab Era"

About AdamLabs

In line with the development of the era of the Digital Information Age, we as a young generation of Indonesia through AdamLabs, have a mission to encourage health services and quality of services, especially laboratories, to be more optimal by building integrated systems. AdamLabs was founded in 2016 by Wahana Group which is the oldest company engaged in the hospital laboratory business since 1994.

With the support of an experienced team, we strive to meet all laboratory needs so that health services become better. Integration. is a word that describes our vision for the future.

As the first provider of integrated hospital laboratory system services, we look forward to collaborating with you to improve the quality of health services in Indonesia in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals #3 agenda


Youth Indonesian


Problems that often occurs

Error In Use

Data Security Not Guaranteed

Less Effective & Efficient Services

Subjective Examination Results

Lack of IT Team

The solution we offer

Laboratory Management and Implementers

Report on Laboratory Activities and Patient Medical Records

Storage Report System

High Advance Technology

Triple Backup & Leveling Authorization

Additional Benefits

In Accordance With International System Standards

Reducing Paper Use and Environmentally Friendly

Ease of Care and Maintenance

Guaranteed Service

Automatic Updates of Every Feature

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