Privacy Policy

I. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a form of PT. Wahana Meditek Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "Adamlabs") to protect and respect every form of User's personal information in the Checkin application. This Privacy Policy (along with the terms of use of the application as stated in the "Terms and Conditions") regulates the acquisition, collection, processing and analysis, appearance, opening and / or all forms of management related to data or information that users provide to Cekin, including the User's personal data, both when the User registers in the application and / or website, accesses the application and / or website, or uses services on the application and / or website. By accessing and / or using Cekin's services, the User declares that any information is correct and valid information and / or data, and the User gives approval for Checkin to obtain, collect, store, manage and use the information and / or data listed as well in the Terms and Conditions of the application.

II. Public Policy

This entire policy is made available to all visitors and/or users of the Adamlabs website to comply with the following terms and conditions. By installing and / or using the Adamlabs Platform, the User has read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions ("TERMS AND CONDITIONS") on the Adamlabs site. We have the right to be able to change the terms and conditions at any time, and these changes can become effective after changing the terms and conditions made on this site. The user agrees to review the terms and conditions periodically to find out what kind of changes are intended. Using Adamlabs service access is a form of your acceptance of the terms and conditions that apply. The Terms and Conditions on the Adamlabs platform form the basis of a legal agreement between the use of the platform and our services. We may provide opportunities for website visitors to participate in additional features or services that can be accessed through this site. Users are required to be able to accept additional terms and / or authorization before being able to have access rights to these features and services. If the user is not sure, we recommend that the user stop using the Adamlabs platform service.

III. Warning

It is necessary to emphasize and / or pay attention to users of the Adamlabs platform, all health-related news contained on the Adamlabs website is a form of information that cannot be used as a substitute parameter for consultation or in the form of medical action. Users are still advised to consult a doctor or licensed health worker for health problems. Be careful of all forms of fraud, extortion, falsification of identity and other crimes committed by people or parties acting on behalf of Adamlabs. Every Adamlabs employee is equipped with a Card and/or Identity Card when carrying out Adamlabs activities.

IV. Our Service

As part of the Service, we will connect Adamlabs platform users with Phlebotomist professionals as part of our service. We will display laboratories and / or health care units that work with the Adamlabs platform so that users have a level of confidence in the samples examined. Adamlabs also facilitates users in the form of orders that enter through the platform until payment is made by the user.

V. Network Connection

Adamlabs is not responsible for any errors, delays, and other problems related to the display of content and the incoming order process on the Adamlabs platform caused by internet (network) failure. We advise users of the Adamlabs platform to check their internet (network) connection before using the platform.

VI. Distribution

Adamlabs will determine the display format and booking reservation method at our discretion so that platform users can place orders for a limited time or within a planned time, obediently and / or subject to the validity period of a predetermined order.

VII. Complaint

If there are complaints about the sampling process that has been carried out, we can forward these complaints to the competent authorities on the Adamlabs platform so that complaints can be resolved properly. It should be understood that when placing an order there is an error in providing the user's identity, it is not our responsibility as a platform and is the responsibility of the user. Thus, if a complaint is caused by an error on our platform, it is our responsibility as the manager of the Adamlabs platform.

VIII. Accuracy

We have full authority over the information displayed in connection with orders that have been made by users through the Adamlabs platform. This is not limited to appointing a referral laboratory and/or Health Service Unit, Deleting incorrect information, as well as information that violates statutory provisions such as pornographic content, defamation, hate speech, or other information that violates ITE statutory provisions. Users are responsible for providing information in connection with orders made and ensuring the correctness of the information provided.

IX. Technology Problem

We do not guarantee that users of the Adamlabs platform will be free from technological problems such as lack of information, termination, service interruptions, viruses or worms, and users understand and are responsible for carrying out procedures according to procedures and have ensured that they meet certain requirements, related to the accuracy of data input and output.

X. Copyright

Content and designs from the Adamlabs platform are protected by Law no. 19 of 2002 concerning Copyright in Indonesia. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, transcribe, display, transmit or compile these materials without the express written consent of the copyright holder. The user is permitted to view, download, display and print one copy of the materials on a personal computer, for non-commercial use only, provided that: the user does not change or modify the materials in any way; the user understands and agrees that these actions will not result in a transfer of copyright. Adamlabs is released from all claims and liability for violations of rights, especially those relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) committed by third parties against Content placed or displayed on Adamlabs.

XI. Loss Coverage

The user agrees that you will indemnify us as the owner of the Adamlabs platform for losses, liabilities, judgments, fees or costs (with reasonable attorneys and fees) arising from user errors in operating the Adamlabs platform.

XII. Dispute Resolution

The user agrees that any dispute or claim (including claims for personal loss) in connection with the use of the Adamlabs platform is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Indonesian law and will be tried in accordance with Indonesian law. This agreement also applies to anyone who claims on your behalf.