Clinic Information System

ADAMEDS is a Clinical Information System that comes with various features to make it easier service processes, reports, and finances at your clinic. Web-Based system with a responsive display and an easy flow for users to operate. 

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   Web-Based System

     The system can be accessed from Desktop            Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

   Accountable Financial           System

     With financial features that are accountable          and complete, easy in terms of Finance,                    Accounting, and Reporting

   Bridging LIS & Mobile App 

    Connected with Laboratory Information                    System and Mobile App Expertise.

Excellent Features

We present some interesting features

Dashboard Monitoring

Supported with Dashboard Monitoring

Booking Registration

Supported with Booking Registration System.

Cashier Payment

Supported with Cashier Payment.

Bridging LIS & on Demand Apps

Connected with LIS & easy to access from mobile phone.

Queue System

Supported with Queue System.


Useful inventory module.


Supported with Reposting System

Our Package

ADAMEDS package list

Single Special


  • ✔️ Registration Patient 
  • ✔️ Input Result
  • ✔️ Automate Result
  • ✔️ Detail Result
  • ✔️ History Test Patient
  • ✔️ Recapitulation Report
  • ✔️ Detail Report
  • ✔️ Export Report
  • ✔️ Flagging
  • ✔️ Print Setting
  • ✔️  Result Via Mail
  • ✔️  Inbound Goods
  • ✔️  Outbound Goods
  • ✔️  Stock Opname
  • ✔️ Realtime Stock
  • ✔️ Consumption Reagent
  • ✔️ Management BHP
  • ✔️  Queue System
  • ✔️  Billing
  • ✔️  Accounting

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